Jesse “I Was Wrong” (off ‘Curious Moments’ demo)
Jives Room – “Bubbles” (off Adam Walton Session)
Diffino – “Arian dy Rieni” (off Dockrad Recs LP)
Black Cougar Shock Unit – “I’m Not Drunk I Hate You” (new LP on Newest Industry)
Flesh Resonance – “Worlds Within Worlds” (off new LP)
Gintis – “Oliver” (off Adam Walton Session)
Anhrefn – “Pres Am Gi” (off Defiad, Skateboards a Wellies LP)

Jesse would become The Racketears.
I had convinced Adam Walton that Jives Room and Gintis were worthy of sessions on his BBC Radio Wales show. The Gintis session was pretty good, and this track is up there with the best.
The Jives Room session was a little shaky.