(review by Paul Scouse Git Hammond)

I must admit that since the demise of The Breeding Ground I’ve been able to enjoy gigs far more! I can now sit back, have a pint and just watch the bands as a punter without all the usual promoters worries. TBG seems a long time ago now and when I decided to pass the mantle there were only a couple of people in this area I felt had the drive and capability to create something new and keep the scene going, in fact Neil Crud and Steve Rastin.

Steve Rastin took it on and he deserves praise for it because I know what a difficult job it is to constantly seek quality bands and also to keep the punters happy. Blu maybe a smaller and less prestigious gig in terms of venue size, attendance etc, but fair play to Steve he has managed to carry on where TBG left off and continue to bring quality to the town and also to promote newer less experienced acts.

Myself and The Dean were out early and wondered where the usual Crud Crew and Rastin had got to? Blu was pretty quiet, but those who stayed away missed out big time! There’s not too many bands who’ve caught my attention at the venue, not because they’re crap bands, but because a lot of good bands come and sound shite! The Obsession were an exception. I now have my top 3 bands to appeared at Blu and it is these guys along with Kentucky AFC and Valleum.

The night started off with Dusty Moo, I know him very well, he did his 1st ever solo acoustic gig at TBG after I pushed him to do it. He’s been doing it ever since, he’s shortly off to Tenerife and Dean commented “He’ll clean up over there”, he’s a great warm up act, and it takes balls to do what he does on his own. Two noticeable absentees though……The tartan pants and his version of ‘Make Me Smile’.

Winebago: Didn’t see much of these, but I watched them last time they played here, The Dean was moaning he wanted to sit down (old age!), so although I didn’t see a lot of them this time, I did hear them, very Pixies! Not a bad thing though as I am a fan. They’re early into their careers, they’re tight and had a good sound, the kids were up dancing so it was another step forward for them.

I was intending to go home at this point as I was driving & Dean was getting merry! Not fair. The opening crashes of drums from The Obsession kept me in my seat. Dave Jones of The Visitor compared this band to Joy Division and he was spot on. Dave made that comparison off the CD alone, watching them live I thought Ian Curtis had come back from the dead! The Dean is THE biggest Joy Division fan I know and he too was well impressed. The Obsession front man had the voice and even those terrible dance moves Curtis used to practice off to a tee! He was up on the drum kit, on the floor on his back, squealing at his audience….and the band? Excellent drummer holding it together, big distorted bass lines just like Peter Hook and the guitarist, simple no fuss rhythm and lead awash with effect. A very clear, very full overall sound, good catchy songs too.

After the gig I bought a CD from the band, finished my orange juice and left The Dean trying to persuade DJ Andy Baker to play ‘Creatures Of The Night’……again! I’m sure he was just after serenading that lady with the nice chest he was sat next to as I left. Naughty boy!