Dear Adam,

   Sorry you couldn’t make it to the show last night. Unfortunately for you it was a show not to be missed, chance to see the elusive Wishing Hour in the flesh, a band that don’t play many gigs, record even less & put on one helluva show!
You see Adam, both you & I built this gig up & usually when that happens we’re left with egg on our collective chin as the billing doesn’t live up to our hype.
Thankfully the bands didn’t let us down this time & Bar Blu was buzzing with people by 8pm. Inner City Sumo are a very young band & only seem to get together at the end of term. The female singer stands there nonchalantly with thumbs in pockets & nothing to prove. They’re still finding themselves & hopefully realise that unless you’re a big band, then two acoustic songs in your set won’t work.
Knocking on Heaven’s Door; as Steve Sync quipped; ‘they should play Knocking on Bevan’s Door cos that‘ll be their next employer if they keep playing that fucking song, or perhaps Kip Kip Kipping on Kevin’s Floor.’
Regardless of the negatives, you can take home the original stuff Inner City Sumo played & see they do have lots of potential if they stick at it.

We’ve both been big fans of Wishing Hour for 2 years now, & fed off that one superb demo they did, that’s still played by ourselves to this very day. You missed a great set.
Opening with ‘Shut The Fuck Up,’ Rhyl didn’t know what hit them as CiCi on vocals looking like a female Jaz Coleman gave a performance that was in your face and, if she could, as her lyrics state, she’d love to rip your face off.
The crowd took a step back as the Wishing Hour front-girl lurched forward to look someone in the eye before leaping back to hunch over a microphone & let out a deep guttural scream. I had an urge to throw my pint at her to show a Rhyl style of affection, but I was too scared to. The back line was relentless, 2 guitarists looked like brothers & they hammered away at the tunes like their lives depended on it, and anyone who sports a Midasuno t-shirt has definitely got good taste. And I suppose their lives did for the 35 minutes this Cardiff band gave us. It’s a long way to travel to play for 35 minutes but the crowd loved them & those that didn’t, stayed to watch in morbid fascination.

Of course, you remember The Hollow don’t you Adam, a band we’ve lauded over the last 18 months, a band that seem to look younger every time I see them, a band I must’ve seen countless times, who have probably played here more times than in their native Holyhead. Starting off with the first track on that demo they gave us last March, The Hollow reminded me of Jives Room with their 3 guitars nicely separated. Steve Sync (full of comedy quips tonight) said they think they’re Radiohead, but better, & suggested the singer should stop letting his mum cut his hair.
They did tell us they’ve not played together for 2 months, & it did show at times, particularly when they cocked up their best song, but it still sounded ace.
All the bands tonight didn’t outstay their welcome which was nice, although The Hollow could’ve jammed out the last riff of their last song & made it an epic. But you knew it was all over when the cheesy DJ shouts; ‘Yo! Let’s hear it for The Hollow.’ So I hope the chicken pox clears up soon Adam and you get to see Wishing Hour eventually, in the meantime, here’s some pics and a video I took of the show.

 Fond regards