Sons of Selina
Tracks on compilation albums / singles run into over 30 – will attempt to complete list one day…!

06.92 CASS Ambition M+E
 10.92 7″ Anxiety / Climb* Secrets of Sound
 04.93 7″ Life is But / Palms To The Sky Delerium
 06.93 CASS The Dilemma Sessions** M+E
 01.94 CASS The Paradise Mile** M+E
 08.94 CD / LP Nour d’Oui* Delerium
 10.95  CASS Now Give Me Back My Cake** M+E
 02.96 CDs  Terminus / Fire in The Hole / Relapse* Delerium
 11.98 CDs Our Glass / Kalgan (promo only) Secrets of Sound
 11.99 CD / LP Fire in The Hole** Delerium
06.02 CASS Now Give Me Back My Cake – Special Edition (feat; Very Breast of 4Q on b-side) UWU

 see also – 4Q, Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials, Lemon Meringue Gang.
* still available 


  • “Of The First Water” on Pick & Mix, DELEC CDD 023, October 1995
  • “Of The First Water” on Atomic EP 7″ EP given away with Atomic magazine.
  • “Of The First Water” on Audio CD-2, a Greek Hi-Fi magazine with free CD. Dec ’94.
  • Secrets of Sound 7″ EP includes Jam Tomorrow. (Secrets of Sound SOS003) – Jan ’94
  • They Call This Justice? Earzone Cassette compilation includes Fire In The Hole
  • Subterranean Psychefest M+E Cassette compilation includes Climb
  • Pure Pop For Fidgety People Kaplan (USA) Cassette compilation includes Anxiety
  • Program #16 Earthtones (USA) Cassette compilation includes Anxiety
  • Never Heard of ‘Em! £1.00 Cassette compilation includes Anxiety
  • Music + Elsewhere Showcase Vol. 2 M+E Cassette compilation includes Life Is But (Live)
  • Music + Elsewhere Showcase Vol. 1 M+E Cassette compilation includes Life Is But
  • Life, The Underground & Everything M+E Cassette compilation includes Anxiety
  • F.I.S. Comp 3 F.I.S. Cassette compilation includes Climb / Anxiety
  • Contributor’s Tape 2nd Avenue Cassette compilation includes Climb
  • The Best of M+E 1992-93 M+E Cassette compilation includes Climb / Anxiety
  • The Best Of Music + Elsewhere Vol. 1 Cassette compilation includes Anxiety
  • Astral Plane Glidge Cassette Compilation includes Anxiety
  • Last Daze of The Underground 3xCD compilation on Cherry Red inc Life Is But