Broadcast date says Dec ’03, and also Crud Cast 13 – what happened to shows 7 – 12 ?

The Cox – “Nailbomb The Dancefloor” (new EP)
The Filaments – “Bastard Coppers” (MP3)
Snatch– “Who We Are” (off EP)
Carpet– “Unflood Hug” (off new mini LP)
Whitewash – “Feign ” (off new demo)
Dusty Moonan– “Be My Eyes” (off ‘Proper’ LP)
Jarcrew – “Destructor / Creator” (off new single on Remote Control)

The Cox became worth their weight in gold when they came up with this classic single. The Filaments Bastard Coppers beauty still gest played at the punk gigs (c2009). Whitewash featured Daz Roddick who went on to play for Anti Virus and Deadlight Spiral.
Jarcrew were simply outstanding…