The Stuntface interview

1. A pending 2nd album (or is it 3rd), the usual delays in getting it out, but this one is from work commitments. Are you all bank clerks really?
THE INCREDIBLE UNSTOPPABLE TITAN OF TERROR is our 2nd album, our 1st one, CAN YOUR PUNY BODY SURVIVE? was a self financed release. The guys at GOOD CLEAN FUN wanted to make an album with us and we reckon that already having something out like an album which is a big commitment as it cost us about 2 grand, helped us with their decision to sign us up. We had an agreement where we had offered to pay the studio time if they did everything else. We think that may have also been a deciding factor. We all had to save wages and pool them together for recording, not only was lack of immediate funds a problem but trying to get time off at the same time, doing overtime to raise cash, too many fucking nightmares to list. At the end of the day we pulled together to make it happen, it was a big fuckin pain but it’s worth it. Yes, we are all bank clerks at that posh wankers bank in Chester. Almost forgot to tell you that we are all capitalist scum who will own punkrock before the
year is out as we are negotiating a hostile takeover bid against the Epitaph conglomerate and the Fat Wreck Petroleum company. We estimate a profit of at least 600 million dollars for the punk phenomenon. Beware!!!!!!!

2. How is the new album, are you happy with it? And how did you get involved with Good Clean Fun Records?
We are happy with the new album. It’s really the album we should have made first, not releasing the first one and waiting but never mind eh!!! It has 12 tracks, 38 minutes running time, it has 3 tracks from the 1st album and the rest are new tracks. Matt at GOOD CLEAN FUN heard the 1st album and thought we should re-record those 3 songs as we all felt they made for a stronger album and he reckons he will push the album to a way wider audience so it doesn’t really apply. If you feel ripped off, I’m sorry but other massive fuckin bands do it so I think we can get away with it. Ultimately we feel they make for a better album. The production, playing, singing and all sorts are better on the new album. I’m really excited about it all. My only worry is that it might not have the same bite as the 1st album, but hey, we did it well quick in the studio!!!! To sum it up, if you like the 1st album, you will LOVE the new one!!!!!!!
We got involved with GOOD CLEAN FUN records (who are a south wales based punk/ska label), by sending out loads of demos to loads of labels. Maybe sent 500 or 600 cdr’s out with old demos on to no avail. A year went by and Matt got in touch to see what we had and liked it. Sent him more quick eight track demos which we did down the rehearsal room and he offered the album deal. We offered to pay the studio so we still had control and still had our sense of DIYness to it all. Since then he’s offered another album!! (which they will cover ALL costs for ha ha !!)

3. A hard working gigging band is what you are. Where do you rate as your best town for gigs & do you find it easier to play in Wrexham than away?
Have no idea where our best gigging town is!! Anywhere we go down well and the people ain’t ego trippin assholes is our best town!! Anywhere it fuckin goes off really!! Rhyl is always a laugh, Llandudno the same and we dont have a 5 hour drive!! Barrow is always rough, Cardiff, Swansea, too many to list without going thru the gig archive!! Made loads of friends all over the country!!
Wrexham gigs are ALWAYS fun as we know most of the twats who turn up, so it always turns out to be a fun and games night!!! No difference between playing away or local, if it’s a blast we dont fuckin care. We have had nights in Wrexham where it’s been amazing but we had a SHITE time in Ireland after 16 hours travelling. Had an amazingly bonkers night in Norway
with Consumed and King Prawn a few weeks back. Ace gig, partied all night with them, got ratted, stunning birds although I didn’t do anything!! Fantastic fucking time!! Want to go back!! ha ha ha ha

4. Got any Stuntface merchandise, screensavers etc?
As far as merch goes, it’s all down to money, or lack of it. When we get the album done, we’ll worry about t.shirts and stuff. Matt has promised us help with t.shirt funding and pressing so that should take off some of the self financing pressure again which is cool!! We had some cool stickers and couldn’t give them away till people started to like us then they all went, same with the limited run of DIY t.shirts we did. We know they were crap but they were never supposed to be anything special. We have plans for some fuckin cool stuff as far as shirts go at the moment. I cant fuckin wait!!!
Got two well smart designs to play with as well as getting the star logo done as a sticker, maybe some embroidered beany hats as well, in time. Don’t know yet. T.shirts, stickers woolly hats, cd’s are all you really need isn’t it? We tend to not worry about stuff like ringtones or screen savers or other silly crap.
If you want a STUNTFACE ringtone or screensaver, do it like we did. Make your fuckin own!!! I have a mobile with a compose thingy, I now have “I Look Good, You Don’t” as my ringtone. there you go, DIY!! ha ha ha ha.
So as far as t.shirts go, check the fuckin website, you’ll know when they are ready, we’ll make enough noise trust me!!

5. You all seem to have come from death-metal stock, yet Stuntface are almost Oi! on speed with guitar solos, would you say this was a fair description?
Ian and Jim come from a death metal background, Nick is from old school metal and I was into Kiss since early childhood!!! But I came across U.S. punk in ’88 so went downhill from there. I always preferred the fact you could sing along but it was still really fast!!! Yeah, I know we have quite a metally type sound but a punk delivery with the melody and speed. The bands we all were influenced by feature heavily but I think we have a strong sound of our own which is definitely punkrock and not hardcore as we get mistaken for time and again!!!! As you know we are all Misfits fans, I can hear all sorts of stuff, BAD RELIGION, MISFITS, NOFX, SNFU, SPERMBIRDS, EXPLOITED, MOTORHEAD, WILDHEARTS, ANTHRAX, DRI, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, PROPAGANDHI, DESCENDENTS, too many fuckin bands, you figure it out!!

6. Any particular favourite bands you like playing with, & others you’d rather not again? Explain.
It’s not so much particular bands we like to play with, it’s when you play with bands who’ve got a major fucking ego and all the macho bullshit that goes along with and think they’re all big fucking rock stars! What’s that all about? They’re the ones we don’t like to play with cos they just piss everyone off. All we want to do is have fun and have a good time. If they want to be rock stars then fuck off and do it somewhere else!!

7. Do you remember that chippy in Wrexham that used to sell a bag of chips for 12p (c1983) ?
mmm…..can’t say that I do. You’re obviously a lot older than us!! I have a job remembering last week half the time.8. You always seem to be the 8 o’clock band when you play in Wrexham, yet the headliners elsewhere – is this a Stuntface policy or don’t the local promoters take you seriously?

It’s not a policy, it depends who we put on with us when we set up gigs. For instance, we got a band called “The More I See” to come and play Wrexham. They headlined it because it was Giz Butt from the Prodigy’s new band and they’ve been around a bit longer and they’re bigger than us so it made sense to put them on last. It was a cracking night as well!! So really, we’re not really bothered about positions on the bill as long as the bands turn up, it’s a good crack!!

9. How well networked are Stuntface, do you get a lot of gigs through other bands in other areas, or is it a case of phoning up the venue to get a gig?
When we first started up we were constantly on the phone trying to get gigs booked so we could get out there. We got a few under our belt and then we got Internet!! That helped us more then anything. We’d e-mail as many people as we could find, promoters, bands, anybody and we had a brilliant response. In all the different bands I’ve played for in different scenes, the punk scene has been the most helpful by miles. People fall over themselves to help you even though they’ve never met you or heard of you. To me that says a lot about how people care about the scene and now we do the same for anyone who contacts us for the same reasons.

10. Is fisting a hobby of yours or just a nasty habit?
Well, you’ll have to ask “Doctor Jelly Fingers” (Wayne) himself on that one. After all he is the Brown Wing Commander!! Personally, I think he’s just a nasty fist fucking, ass poking pervert!!