The Carl Gintis interview…

  • Three gigs into your career and you claim Gintis are the saviours of rock! What do you think you can do to save us from an eternal hell where Justin Timberlake fists Craig David in a public lavatory?

Thats 6 gigs into our career and i can think of worse people to be fisted by (past experience DAMN YOU FATMAN with a bara brith) we are actually here to just save the world generally. I think that the world needs to hear us and that it would be a shame if they didn’t…did I mention i have a small penis??


  • You cite Captain Beefheart as an influence, I bought one of his CDs in Probe last week out of curiosity & it is shite, what’s the deal with him?

Hahahahaha thats the beauty of Captain Beefheart it’s just ridiculous there are no tunes at all but you still find yourself playing it over and over and then going down the prom with your windows down on your car blasting it out, and watching as the confused passers by take a glance then stare at their feet. Get ‘Ice Cream For Crow’ it’s got some of the best lyrics ever or alternatively get ‘Trout Mask Replica’ I’ve never listened to it all the way through it makes me feel sick 🙂 I should be promoting this album with such quotes, it would sell out!!

  • I would put you closer to home as a hybrid of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci inseminating Mercury Rev. Is this a fair description?

Well you are probably flattering us, they are two of my favourite bands of all time!!! We do try to convey a lot of our influences but we have fuckloads, it’s hard, we take influences from everywhere; too many to list, but this kind of thing might associate us with the Liverpool scene of late which could be a reference but I don’t think we sound particularly like them due to the spacey influence over a lot of our stuff, i just love everything but then I hate everything I dunno! yeah! WHOO ME!!!

  • So far we have a 3 (maybe 4) track CDr doing the rounds. Any plans for more recordings, or a ‘proper’ release? (In other words – get your acts together).

If I had money then yeah! We got over an album’s worth of fuckin’ A material which if it was put on record would be too much for people to take, it would twist and turn then rearrange what preceded it, there would be little consistency, one song baring no relevance to the last!!! Jeez I’m making this sound better than it actually is, if I read something like this I’d buy it straight away…in fact everyone should give us money to record and make the world better, we are fucking amazing!

  • I didn’t believe the hype at first as it was all done by yourselves thru my Message Board, but judging by the numbers at your local gigs the hype works. How will you tackle building yourselves up for ‘out of town’ gigs?

Get pissed, the non believers can fuck off!! It’s their loss, we played in Manchester and I told them that we were the best band in the world, the few people that were there loved it….what can I say? I wouldn’t lie, all I’m trying to say is I’m better than you

  • The problem with hype is if you ham yourselves up too much you have to live up to people’s expectations. Do you think you could fall into this trap & end up being someone you’re not?


  • There is definitely a hippy element to your songs, were you bottle fed cannabis resin & will you call your children Daffodil Star etc?

None of that shit for me, my body’s a temple 😉

  • The local scene is bursting with bands; yourselves, Junebug, Giant, Fudged, Alien Matter, Out of Use, The Cox, Model Superb, Jives Room to name a few. Do you see yourselves as part of this scene or do you see these bands as rivals?

Neither, how could any of them rival us? I don’t think any of the above particularly sound like each other.

  • Your favourite and worst local bands, and why?

I LOVE Junebug, Ralph and Guy have helped us shitloads and they are fantastic
songwriters, Ralph showed me my first chords on a guitar for fucks sake!!! And they just genuinely love helping us out, they have influenced our songwriting a lot, though still not really sounding all that a like, my voice isn’t as good as Ralph’s but they know who the better band is at the end of the day! Jives Room are cool just for the fact that I’ve got pissed with ’em a couple of times….they are the only two bands in the scene who have seen my cock

  • Finally, Andy Fatman reckons you’re a cocky twat. Do you agree?

You know what they say…’s the old dog and innit? y’know sometimes what’s what aint what’s hot and if he wants to call me cocky thats fine! I still wanna fight with him, I reckon I could take him! A wise man once told me, never wipe your arse with a porcupine or marinade girls with Smiths’ songs…. There is just no approprate time… as Anthony said to Cleopatra as he opened a crate of ale ‘oh I say some girls are bigger than others’
…. fact!