(reviewed by Steve Sync & Neil Crud)

Sync: I last saw Kentucky AFC a month ago in this same venue. I’d never seen or heard of them before, but Crud urged me to make the journey to Bar Blu just for this band alone.
My first impressions were – an excellent band showing true talent with some great songs, but i didn’t get the full KAFC rush because of a bad PA last time. This time round, i’d heard some of their recordings between the 2 gigs and i knew them a little better. With just one mic stand in the venue, and KAFC needing two, i suggested to Steve Rastin that he try borrow one from The Overtown Club across the road, which he duly did, making KAFC relieved as they would have had to share a mic in a ‘Beatles Stylee’.
With two mics in place they burst into what i can only describe as a superb, but short set of great songs including – Bodlon, Left To Die, Un Arddeg, and Pills. I found them very easy to listen to, and I’d really like to see them play a full 45mins to 1 hour set next time our paths cross. They have an alternative edge, but keep it tamed by a strong melodic sound. I think that they play a style of music which is more likely to receive interest from the music industry than other North Walian bands treading the same boards.

Crud: Dusty Moonan (for that is his real name) was the influential force behind Colwyn Bay band Babakin who plied their trade throughout the 90s, owning a music collection verging on the scale of a national library it is tribute to Babakin that I still play their stuff today. Dusty is now happy to be the warm up act, he’s not after the limelight, just a few pints & some red wine will suit him fine. He knows he’s going to get a warm reception (he always does) & tonight was no exception for the 20 minutes of his set. I was also lucky enough to catch him over the toilet pan cursing his over indulgence alcohol. Never mix the hop with the grape!

I clocked Turnstone on Adam Walton’s Radio Wales show last Sunday night & was in the right mood, I was still in the right mood when they headlined tonight, although perhaps not enough to spend £10 on the CD they were offering. Turnstone have their roots firmly embedded in the folk scene & I did recognise an ex-Clan Morrigan member in the line-up, which made this a bit of a reunion, for he played on the same bill as Babakin & myself (in Sons of Selina) at some hippy festival 9 years ago. That’s were the hippy element comes in, for Turnstone do have that leaning & the advert must’ve read ‘Bass player wanted, must have beard.’
My mind did wander during the set when I envisaged taking them into the studio, backing them up with a swirling mass of keyboards & seering guitar solos. But I was quickly snapped back to reality when the girl singer said she wrote the next song about when she felt really loved at a party; ‘Fucking hippies’ I muttered, for Malcolm McLaren warned me to never trust one.