(reviewed by Andy Fatman & Steve Sync)

With Crud safely tucked up in his deathbed, we were despatched to Blu to review tonights entertainment. We arrived just in time to see Hollow open their set to a decent Blu turnout. The Beaumaris 5 piece blasted into their first song, literally almost making us spill our pints (this takes some doing) because of the sheer volume they created, as our mouths opened in shock, a smug looking Steve Rastin approached us and announced “we’ve got our own PA now”. No shit, we’ve been getting used to bands having to make do with a karaoke PA for the last few months, and with the new system in place, this can only make these increasingly more popular Wednesday nights better.

Hollow had a very mature sound for a young band, reminiscent at times of ‘The Shoegazing’ bands of the early 90’s (Chapterhouse, Ride et al). A bit retro maybe, but a welcome break from the ‘Pop Punk By Numbers’ bands cropping up at the moment. Surrendering lush chord changes, the front man deserted his keyboard surprisingly only after one song, then lead the band into a 3 guitar assault. Throw into this a credible Smashing Pumpkins cover, they gave the now increasing turnout a taste of what they’re about. We couldn’t possibly review them without pointing out the one criticism we agreed on, which was a slightly under par vocal delivery, but this may have been caused by the mic level.

Jives Room proved themselves worthy of their own hype on the L2W message board, stealing the glory from tonight’s show with a credible set. They come across as a surprisingly tight outfit (almost lycra) pushed along by their leader Kyle Lee (who brought to mind a young Steve Davis) who determined how the band played their set. Their music styles from ‘Dick Dale’ inspired buzz guitar, to ‘The Wedding Singer’ (cover of Dead Or Alive’s You Spin Me Right Round). These guys watch too many videos, but it works very well. The band had informed Crud, that they had a surprise in store for him, which came by the way of a cover of ‘Karma Police’ (Crud had made similarities between Kyle and Thom E Yorke in a past review). To play his keyboard and sing with the mic at key level was not only ambitious, but created a great spectacle for those watching (picture his elbows above his head, and his head just below sea level). ‘People try to put us downnn ….’ Thus started the finale of tonight’s set culminating in Kyle taking out all his frustration and anger on his guitar, smashing it to pieces on his amp.

(what price for that little souvenir on Ebay in years to come).