(reviewed by Wayne The Bastard & Steve Sync)

Wayne The Bastard’s view
This event was billed as a leaving ‘do’ for rich,from Alien Matter, as he’s off to start a student life in guilford! So an amended Crud crew, without Crud, namely Wayne the Bastard and Steve Sync, set off for the old hall.
Finding ourselves in a packed venue we introduced ourselves to everyone and then realised no-one knew or cared that rich was leaving n wales and so we eased ourselves into our first pint just as kneejerk eased into their first song. We both thought they resembled 4Q, with top marks being given for effort. Steve thought the singer looked like dom joly, and we all know that he cant sing either.

After Kneejerk had played forever, it was the turn of the Cox, well when i say the Cox i actually mean the Cox, minus their singer. Their set therefore resembled an open mike event, as various folk had a go. After a promising start, it all went a bit pear shaped and they,like the audience,gave up and headed for the bar.

By now the minimal crud crew had been joined by Ian, master of the mountain bike, Lane and MJB, master of gig attending, rich, who’s ‘do’ it was, also managed to turn up, however Cumi Pants and Pete left it til v late to put in an appearance.

After another long interval, ice cream at the bar, puke in the toilets, Out of Use took to the stage, well i say stage, but there isn’t one, so, as around 60 people decided they were a band worthy of moshing to, with us stood at the back, meant the only time we saw them was as they periodically bounced up and down, i definitely heard them though: a wonderful racket!

As the newly formed Crud crew milled around discussing the finer points of the female form, 4ft Fingers took to the stage, but i’ll leave their effects on the crowd, to steve reviewing, as i didn’t particularly like their run of the mill punk rock sound, apparently they’re big in N Ireland. The Cox and Instant Agony play the Dudley in Rhyl this coming sat, get yourselves down there, and if the singer is still off, have a go yourself an see if u can entertain the crowd in a punk rock styleee.

Steve Sync’s view
I watched a strawberry picking competition on sky before I left to travel to tonight’s gig, a woman with no arms or legs won………Jammy Cunt!!!!!!!!

With Crud away on business, and Fatman with work commitments, it was down to me and Wayne to show the L2W presence at tonight’s event. We got there a couple of songs into Kneejerk’s set, and as a Kneejerk virgin; Wayne immediately made comparisons on their sound to 4Q. As their set went on, they improved song by song, and have some great songs to throw at anyone who happens upon them. I was at their first gig not so long ago in The Dudley Arms, and there, it was obvious they were young, keen, and slightly loose musically, but who wasn’t at their age in their debut gig!! (That means you as well Crud). After seeing them tonight, I could already see improvements, and I hope they continue to improve and rehearse and become the great band they already show signs of becoming.

After a swift piss, I met Dave Cox outside the bogs (make your own jokes up) and I asked if they were on next, to which he replied they couldn’t play as The Cox, because their vocalist was unable to come (make your own jokes up) so they were going to play songs they’d written as recently as 5 minutes ago, with an open mike available to anybody with balls big enough to fill in the vocals. I asked what they would call themselves for this gig, to which he replied “I don’t know”. I mentioned that this was a shit name for a band so he spat out “ok, Shit Bollock Cunt Fucker“, which I thought was a much better name. They introduced themselves, and started their first number with a young guitarist from a band called Hector with a great sound, banging out 3 chord punk riffs with ease. Si Punk joined them for a few 1-minute songs, and even though they stopped and started their way through a chaotic set, they entertained the masses, and the night was better for it.

I held up the bar for most of the Out Of Use set so I’ll leave Wayne to comment on them apart from they sounded tight as fuck, a great speed punk outfit who had a massive support tonight.

Unfortunately, 4FT Fingers headlined, which meant that Wayne and myself had consumed the bar dry of Grolsh, Strongbow, and Alcopops by the time they came on. By this time Rich Alien, Pete Alien, and Cumi Pants who distracted us for most of 4FF set joined us. 4FT Fingers were a superb outfit who thrashed and screamed their way through a very well received collection of songs, with the Old Hall massif (the best attendance I’ve seen there) going mental in front of them (I don’t think 4FF will forget this gig in a hurry). One of their last songs was a punked up version of ‘We could have been anything that we wanted to be’ from the film ‘Bugsy Malone’ which was strange, but worked quite well.

All in all, a great night was had by all, and to cap it off, I didn’t have to find the £25 for the taxi back to Rhyl, as Cumi was driving, and was influenced into driving me and Wayne home. Cheers Cumi !!!!