(review by SNOG online)
Despite being cut short their set, in what is potentially a v.good venue, the chimps (without drummer) had only just warmed up and settled into an invigorating, if not slightly angered set.

This had however been pre-ceded and built up to by an intruiging set from a Ruthin based bunch ‘Model Superb’. Undoubtedly with something to say and with 2/3 part (un femme, deux homme) harmonies, 3 (in some) part guitar, + Bass, 2 drummers swopping mid set, bit of synth, strobe lighting, and some old e-bay cine footage (of Canada) to boot – their message is (v) loud & clear and surprisingly not lost in amongst all of that.
On the contrary, their music is absorbing and can carry you away, and that in any sense of the word is the most important thing any musician can say. So I won’t say much more and look forward to hearing them again soon @ a larger venue & engineered PA (perhaps around here).