(by The Goth)

A late arrival meant I only caught half The Do Do’s set (which was too much) & nothing of Midasuno but the stories about their show was that the South Walians blew the growing audience away. Do Do’s & Ectogram member Alan Holmes later said; “Midasuno were in fact very good last night – far too good to be cheapened by any awards. It’s a long time since I’ve seen such an energetic bunch on stage – I needed to sit down to get my breath back just from watching them.”

As for his own Do Do band I think next time round you should either rehearse more, or spectate. Some ideas are present but nothing fits; you’re 5 indiviuals as opposed to a ‘band’. I have nothing more to say on the matter.

As Wendykurk soundchecked I was reminded of the gothic beauty of Marilyn Manson’s roadies at a gig on The Green in Glasgow a few years ago. The ‘kurk bassist wearing a corset & skirt very similar to that of the American male whore himself, & the drummer looking nothing but beautiful. Having said that, it would be Wendykurk’s vocalist whose legs would be spread in my bed if I had to choose.

The anticipation built up inside more than it ever has done for a local gig as I’m so passionate about metal. My opinion of metal bands depends a lot on how ape-shit they make me go. With this in mind, my legs ended up total minging through repeated punches to myself, scratches to my face & at one point my EX best mate couldn’t escape my anger; both of us on the floor & me screaming in his face; ‘Fuck you! Fuck you! She WAS my girlfriend!!!’

By the time I had picked myself up I knew this band were something special. The metal was clean, with both image & sound perfectly matched. I always say it but the vocals needed to be louder to perfect this set. Keep it fucking raw you psychedelic bastards!

Valleum sounded good but lacked that ‘something special’ that Wendykurk threw out. The songs were clear & their stage presence was outstanding. There was a minority that preferred Valleum but personal preference leaves me devoted to Wendykurk. Something tells me Valleum have fulfilled their potential; prove me wrong you cherry lickers.