(reviewed by Neil Crud, Andy Fatman, Steve Sync)

Carbon Atom (by Neil Crud)

Stage diving was definitely out tonight, not that you do it in Blu anyway as there isn’t a stage there. But due to building work tonights bash was held at the top of the stairs! Not many bands can say they’ve done a gig on a landing, but with the balcony & the downstairs floor between the bands & the crowd a spot of stage diving would leave you with a broken neck or a sore head at the very least! Although, with the Dirty Sanchez crew present to see Alien Matter after a spot of filming in the town, anything is possible!
Carbon Atom are like a box of Cadburys Roses, yes they do grow on you & in the past it has always been a mixed bag, where sometimes you’ll bite into a succulent strawberry crème & others you’ll crack your teeth on a brazil nut. In the present however, this uncanny bunch of scousers have been studying the little chart that comes with the box of chocolates & thrown out all the horrible nut & coffee varieties & left us with a smoother set of tastier tunes. Almost completely lost on an unappreciative Rhyl audience, but Carbon Atom are used to that.

Alien Matter (by Andy Fatman)

After tearing Cumi away from the Crudcrew ‘upskirt action’ vantage point, (leaving the Crudster kicking himself for leaving his camera at home), it was time for Alien Matter to take to the bay window….such were tonights room arrangements, I found myself just 40 ft away from the band though 25 ft was a void created by the balcony…not close enough for heckling, so I have to make do with exchanging various hand gestures with singer Pete.
Kicking off a storm, the band set out to trek all over all of our senses… it’s just a shame Pete was left back at basecamp , due to the now inevitable ‘technical hitch’…vocals restored, it’s one of the tightest sets we’ve seen from these girls (which as everyone knows is about 3 in the 3 years… but all that rehearsing just had to pay off). And it has, especially when we have to be reminded that it is guitarist Daz very first Alien Matter live outing!Ploughing through their set with a sense of urgency, while still maintaining a degree of slickness, A.M manage to fend off the visiting band of jesters attempts to distract the audiences’ attention at the back of the room. (Although I would have liked to have seen Pete trying to concuss himself with a bottle of Becks.)
One of my biggest criticisms in the past is that you don’t get the keyboards loud enough, tonight their just right, right enough to prevent Ste Sync from “Blem, Blem, Blem, Blem Bleming” down my ear, during his traditional post-gig analysis. A well received “Kelly & Steve” and a brilliantly executed “Padded Room” wind things up and it back downstairs in search of some more ‘upskirting’.

Flesh Resonance (by Alien Matter’s Steve Sync)

I saw this band a few months ago in Blu, playing their set through the old poor quality PA. Even though the volume level was fairly quiet that night, I liked their sound and compared similarities to Hawkwind with their mixed blend of ‘Techno, and Gothic Rock’. This time around there was more volume, which helped to pump their powerful complex sound to the now decreasing Bar Blu crowd. After a couple of songs in, Fairziff commented on how great they sounded, a complement which was secured by the well programmed drum machine, and sequencers providing the pulsating, rhythmical, trance backbone for the guitars to drive along to. Andy, the technical wizard of the band switched between synths and guitar giving the songs added dimension. Tony (Bass & Voc) and Keith (Guitar & Voc) drove the powerhouse wall of sound, but struggled to be heard vocally, because of the poor vocal sound all the bands put up with tonight. I’d like to see Flesh Resonance play a larger venue, with bigger and better PA, just to experience what they’re capable of.