(review by Neil Crud)

Should I say it? Is it true or was I just carried away in the drunken Stella soaked frenzy of the moment? I dunno – but I’ll come back to that later. Rhyl is a once trendy seaside resort now filled with trendy sports pubs, you can expect to pay higher prices for half the content as you look part of the crowd with your Vodka Kick or whatever bottle is in your hand. Nestled snugly on the periphery of these bars is the Dudley Arms, an old bikers pub (remember the Load of Mischief?), that tried miserably to become a Steak House but soon had the beef to allow adoption by the town’s large punk rock fraternity.
So we had the old, the contemporary and the new on stage tonight & that was also reflected in the crowd with respected figures in the scene turning out amongst the new kids in the dock.

Six Year Hangover represent the Colwyn Bay contigent in this closely knit community, they are so young that they keep their guitar leads & distortion pedals in their school satchels. I saw them last November playing their debut gig & it just goes to show that if you practice you do improve, as the nerves had gone & the material was nice ‘n’ tight. If the drummer (who is really good) put a bit of anger into his playing & the singer screamed rather than sang then you’d have the serious article. But who am I to say, I am just an alcohol sodden tosser who shouldn’t mix Carlsberg with Strongbow.

Seeing they were on away turf Instant Agony opted to play next. I’d like to thank them on two counts; not only did they provide me with pogo material with the singles Think Of England & Fashion Parade when I was a teenager, those singles also fetched me £25 a piece on Ebay, cheers Hocky!
Seasoned and damn good, these Birkenhead punk rockers unleashed far more ferocity than those 2 slabs of aged vinyl ever did & you know you’re seeing a good band when all those around you are nodding appreciatively & agreeing with your thoughts. But who was that 6’3″ skinhead at the back shouting abuse? 😉

Concerns that taking the graveyard slot meant the kids would’ve gone home by now were totally unfounded as Alien Matter took to the stage at this packed house. It was so packed that the bar was drunk dry of lager, hence my switch to cider (a bad move). The band’s EP was slated in the local press by some nobody last week & Alien Matter half hoped their assailant would be present tonight; no chance of that, he’d have creased his shirt. I still stand by what I said in previous reviews of this band, you just know that if they wanted to they could take the whole scene by storm. One tour in selected venues around the country would have Alien Matter throttling all before them in a psyche-punk frenzy of power chords, synth stabs and cum shots. The choice is theirs and their new material will vouch that there is real progression on an already excellent set of songs. Back to whether I should say it? Fatman disagreed immediately, but I do think that Alien Matter are perhaps the best punk band in the country today.