Recorded a demo for Fudged at Rockcliffe, it was a little shambolic in the fact that they turned up late & in a taxi, with 2 hangers-on (though I did request none) & they proceeded to get totally stoned. The 3 tracks sound pretty good though.

Picked up Chris & Naldo of Pocket Venus & we sped off to Wrexham’s BBC studios to meet Adam Walton & pre-record an interview for his show, due to be aired 2 hours later. Chris & Nald were evidently nervous at first but soon got into the swing of things & they had a good dig at Ed Richmond of Sessions in Wales on Radio One who refuse to play their stuff, there’s obviously some history there beteween them. I kept quiet in the background. Adam was blown away by the session tracks, but it’s a pity on hearing them live that the sound diminishes due to him transferring the songs & the interview onto minidisc, it was even more of a pity that the transmission suffered a digital breakdown that led to portions of songs & interview not being broadcast.