The Breeding Ground in Rhyl was issued with an enforced 24 hour closure warrant by police an hour before the doors were due to open for Casino, Innasense & Homespun‘s live performances. This is the latest in a number of attempts by the police to tackle reported under age drinking at the venue, even though it goes on at all the establishments in the town, TBG crew feel they have been targeted because it is an alternative venue. Ben Jackson of Rhyl band Fudged summed the situation up pretty well when he suggested that now there’ll be 150 kids between the age of 15 & 18 out on the streets, unchecked & drinking & getting into trouble. At least in the venue the security meant that there was very little trouble.

The one fight that did break out in 12 trouble free months, which was more ‘handbags at 10 paces’ than a brawl warranted the unfair headlines in the local press: The Battleground. Also last night 2 CS gas cannisters were let off in another Rhyl nightclub, leading to an evacution of the premises, this probably won’t make the papers, yet had it been at TBG it would’ve been front page news.

link2wales own thoughts on the situation are that, yes there was underage drinking at the venue, but no more than at any other place in Rhyl, but there was a larger number of under 18s at TBG, the majority of whom were not drinking, probably because they could not afford to. And to echo Ben Jackson’s comments there seems to be a ‘Townies’ vs the punks rivalry going on & now these so called punks will have to mix with the townies, this will only lead to trouble. More importantly is the fact that North Wales could lose what had become a really credible venue where bands could play with a proper set up. I only hope that an agreement is reached & the doors are strict with the entry allowance & the venue is allowed to continue. The kids can go to MASE, which is also a credible set up but alcohol free.