Session recorded for Adam Walton’s Musical Mystery Tour on BBC Radio Wales.

Tracks:  I Look Good, You Don’t / 72 Hours Deceased

There is a little confusion as to the date this session was actually broadcast and if there were any other tracks. I Look Good, You Don’t was initially aired on 15.12.02, and the rest of the session may not have been broadcast because Adam played the entire new album by Soft Hearted Scientists that night. The same track was again aired on 16.03.03 and 72 Hours Deceased on 05.01.03.

Wayne Cotton (voc,bass) remarks, ‘Fucking hell fella! This is how I remember it. Camera (who were the Benjamins back then) went to that studio of Melys’ in Betws so we ended up going to do some demoing, next thing we know Mr Walton calls us for a session at the same studio as it was/is used for the BBC Wales stuff etc. We set up in a circle and played live, vocals on afterwards. Good session, captured something good. End of “I look good” was a fluke so we kept it.’
‘We used it as the ABBEY RODE e.p. with permission from the Beeb,this was broadcast in its entirety’

He later says, ‘The 1st session was done at Sylem in Betws and was a live recording in the studio with us set up in a circle then overdubbed the vocals later that day. it was a 3 track session and the tracks were ‘I look good you dont’, ‘Made up’ and ’72 hours deceased’. it was this session that made us go back there and record the 2nd SF album after it being such a good recording experience.’