First cast in almost 16 months for whatever reasons, if I could be bothered to look it up I may even be able to tell you why, but to play on puns I think Pocket Venus could teel you why, as I had released their 2nd single ‘Tell Me Why’ on my Secrets of Sound label.
I had also just produced an Alien Matter demo, which I still rate very highly, I never remember the real name of the track so I used to call it ‘Does my Bomb Look Big in This’, which is a better name anyway.
The Fudged track was also a demo I had produced, although not as good as AM or PV due to the band being completely mashed on weed in the studio!
Redshift too were a Llandudno band I had sat in the studio with, they weren’t really cut out for recording at the time, being very young and very nervous.
Talking of mashing Soundhog was also making waves on the net mixing The B52s with Beyonce’s old band (can’t remember their name, only their curves!).

ALIEN MATTER – Does My Bomb Look Big In This
FUDGED – Come & Mosh With Me
MR GIT & MR WEEN – Gangsters
SOUNDHOG – 52 Scrubs
CARSONDOWN – Safety Pin For Stitches
RED SHIFT – demo track