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  1. neilcrud
    February 17, 2012 @ 7:18 am

    (from link2wales news round-up 10.08.02) – Llandudno based band Pocket Venus were involved in another controversial incident, this time supporting The Levellers at the Pigstock Festival in Denbigh.
    The band were just reaching the climax on their set when vocalist Chris Yates got into a punch up with one of the festival stage crew.
    The grapple took place in front of 3,500 fans and both parties had to be restrained before the police intervened to lead the singer away.
    The stage crew member had apparently not taken kindly to a microphone stand being kicked over and he pushed Yates in the back while the band were playing.
    The band were asked by the site security and police to leave and a heated arguement broke out when Pocket Venus refused to do so, but after a little diplomacy both parties shook hands and everyone enjoyed what turned out to be yet another highly successful Pigstock festival


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