(reviewed by The Goth) 

Right then, how should I start? Ummm… I’M IN LOVE !!! OK, here’s the story, I’m strolling around my favourite town, Caernarfon [yikes!] purchasing the essentials to keep me alive for the next week (music magazine, black trousers & a Mars bar), & I can hear some music being played outside Nanog, a Welsh music shop.

I so strut my way over there with Pepsi in hand & join the small gathering of people to see what the bob is going. Nearly 5 mins go by & I’m not disappointed. Kelly, Ffion & Linda turn up with their cute lil’ white trousers & even cuter lil’ red tops. Not only are they all really pretty, but everyone of them is shorter than me! YES, LESS THAN 3 FEET TALL!! OK, not quite that bad. I’m sorry to let my name down but I loved their music, even though with their Atomic Kitten dance routines, their music had a real vibe, more soulful than poppy.
All 3 have gorgeous voices, with Ffion taking the lead a little more, but with Kelly & Linda far from being just backing singers & there to look nice. All 3 have real talent & great trousers!
After they had finished singing a few of their tracks, both English & Welsh, they were happy to stand around for ages to sign autographs for a load of pre-bum fluff lil’ boys… & myself wasting no time to join that flurry of activity. WHAT? I couldn’t help it! With trousers straight out of C+A, dodgy PMT, I’ll see you on MTV, thanks you TNT. xMWAHx.