review by MJW

The second chapter of D+B Promotions successful relocation to the Old Hall, attracted a good crowd once more, showing the demand is there to be satisfied by some punkification. There was a sizeable and striking, not much seen before contingent of expert quiffing or just plain skinheads that gave an indication of the rockabilly/psychobilly cult styling of the main band, dragging them out of the woodwork from where, who knows? More on that introduction to a new sub-genre later.
Stuntface from Wrexham tore into their set at a furious pace and didn’t really let up much throughout. A couple of old acquaintances on their guitars may have influenced opinion but didn’t need it, they were bloody fantastic, one of the best “punks not dead” reminders experienced lately. The first three numbers totally me convinced of how good they were, the rest reinforced it, even when lacking some guitar strength in the mix, but the blistering riffing, sharp breaks, and crisp drumming all shone and brought a big smile. As well as strong applause gratefully received, demanding a couple of encores as well. Through a bit of harmony on the backing vocals they produced an almost Exploited meets the Misfits sound, except faster. There were tons of positive ingredients thrown into the blend yet they stood as quality in their own right. Their album “Can your puny body survive?” carries this across as well and would highly recommend. Plus they gig like crazy so there will be plenty of opportunity to see them, including supporting Stiff Little Fingers, May 15th, Wrexham Central Station and at Holidays in the Sun in Blackpool.

The Hangmen were apparently on a world tour so it was good of them to stop off locally. A three-piece, with double bass, guitar/voc and drums, they kicked in with pretty groovesome rocking much to the satisfaction of their gathered fans. It was an education in their obviously refined dance that resembled a bit of a laid back gyrating mosh except with more psychotic punching violence when the mood took them. This created a minor clash with some of the younger crowd used to a mosh being a moderate body-bumping affair but hey they kept coming back for more and obviously didn’t represent any serious threat to the hard men so they were tolerated.

Now an endless repeat of the same backing groove could have been a bit boring but the Hangmen raised their game with some much faster stuff as well, excellent to see that double bass being plucked treble speed. The singer showed some good vocal strength as well, being able to get some good melody as well as a growl when needed.

While I can’t say I am entirely won over to be a fan of psychobilly I’m sure the extra pace the Hangmen threw did make them more appealing, enjoy your trip guys.