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  1. neilcrud
    July 22, 2013 @ 10:45 am

    Letter rec’d shortly after this review in 2002…

    Hello Neil
    I would like to point out how cruel and unjust the review of the recent MASE ‘gig’ was [08.04.02]. In particular, your unnecessary comments towards the band “Anonymity.” Allow me to remind you of the said review.
    >Before AH, Anonymity (left) broke out of the shadows with an almost
    >Roy Orbison soundalike frontman (that was a compliment bye the way)
    The grammar error is not the only thing wrong with that paragraph, by the way; it is also widely inaccurate as to the placing of the photograph on a “Hi Res” monitor on Windows XP Professional. The photograph is not only incorrectly placed, but totally out of focas.
    But I digress, more to the point: the ‘frontman’, Scott Edwards, had a voice to the complete reverse to that of Roy Orbison. Scott Edwards’ voice is mellow and reverberating, while Orbison maintains a husky standard to his vocals. The comment led to a completely inaccurate comprehension of the Vocalist’s voice.
    >perhaps the name should’ve been Unanimated instead!
    The mellow and soft genre of the band would have been spoiled by anything other than soft swaying; prehaps your writer should’ve spent more time watching the crowd’s ovation to Anonymity’s style rather than being at the bar (if he was sober, maybe the pictures would’ve been of better quality).
    My last statement is obviously backed up by the following;
    >Nice Soft Cell cover
    Now then… when did that appear in the band’s performance?
    I believe my point has been proven.
    Also, as a graphic designer, I would like to point out that your “Link 2 Wales” banner and background does your reviews justice, and I think you know what I mean.
    Adam Mason


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