(reviewed by The Goth) 

I’m sorry but I’m really annoyed about this entire event & you readers are on the receiving end of my growing anger.
Sitting in my arm chair at Goth Towers eating some spaghetti hoops I had no idea that these hoops were potentially the highlight of my evening. Those wobbly little rings of soft pasta went down a treat, mmm.

Anyway, I left the house & started to walk to the venue & that’s when the rains came. I should’ve taken the hint & gone back home to those stretchy little rings but no, I just kept on walking. I reached the football ground & was surprised to see that there was no one there at all, (that’s hint number 2). So I strode up to the guy with the flourescent waist-coat, gave him my £7 (YES SEVEN QUID! hint number 3), went to urinate & then up to the bar.
The bar staff were great & as far as entertainment goes they dwarfed what I was about to suffer. Yep, Quidest had the cheek to turn up. Now this was the 2nd time I’ve seen them play. The 1st time was painfull, I think the guitarist had been given a treble knob for xmas & insisted on a no bass-all treble show; I couldn’t hear properly for a week. This time they came on & started playing what I thought was their 1st song, but may have been their soundcheck. I really couldn’t tell. All of a sudden they sound like a personal stereo with dead batteries & grind to a halt. They then got going & weren’t too bad, they are kinda along the same lines as The Musik, kind of an urban indie band. Enough compliments, it was raining, cold & overall it sucked. I think the bass line was near enough identical through every song. Get some originality guys, find your own style because I’m sorry, but you’re not the Stereophonics.

Speaking of originality, Gogz then turned up & as usual they were drinking through their entire set but still manage to play suprisingly well. They had the unfortunate situation of playing to an audience of an old man & his butch Chihuahua, but gave the music their all regardless, & I must admit I found myself still humming one of their Welsh songs the next day. I read one review on Gogz a while back & the gimp said that Chris (vocals) had a voice like Billy Corgan of the (RIP) Smashing Pumpkins, personally, that reviewer was a dumb toilet but I will agree that Chris has a unique voice. Good band, I hope they continue to progress.

Off they go & Bryn Fon Ar Band take the stage with as many members as Slipknot. All of a sudden I was in a country & western / folk gig. I was looking around for the Irish ginger tart dancing on the tables teasing the drunk & deprived old men, but no. To be honest I only stayed for 3 songs, what with the smiling female backing singers & their spot on harmonies I came to the conclusion I was of the wrong age group to appreciate this fully, & left quickly.
To put the cherry on the cake of a terrible evening I got harrassed by a group of drunk 15 year old girls. I would recommend Gogz, a good live performance, Bryn Fon ar Band I’d recommend if you’re a librarian or something. As for Quidest, on your head be it. Bye.