1991 Cass ‘Not The Demo’ RRS
1991 Cass ‘£2.17’ RRS
1992 Cass ‘Like It Or Lump It’ RRS
1992 7″ ‘Stuart / Personal War’ TLC009
1992 7″ ‘Birth / Control’ TLC
1998 CDs ‘The Devils Dance’ (Promo)
1998 CDs ‘Meltdown’ (Promo)
1999 CDs ‘After Birth…The Aftermath’ (Promo)
1999 CDs ‘Birth 1999’ (Unreleased)
2001 CD ‘Liar’(Compilation) Mr. Big Time
2001 CDs ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’
2001 CDs ‘Something’s Gone Wrong Again’ Promo PSS001
2002 CD ‘Just Pigeons And Shit’ Promo PSS002
2002 CDs ‘Golden Balls’ Eng007
2003 CD ‘UA 0571’ promo
2003 CD ‘Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials VS’ Free with UA 0571
2006 CDs ‘Creatures of The Night’* Eng007
2007 CD ‘Men of Principle’ (unreleased)
2007 CD ‘Now Is The Time For England’

This is a ‘loose’ discography as Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials had many guises during their colourful career, and the name would change as often as band leader Paul Hammond’s mood!
The releases beyond 1998 were more Hammond’s projects and some titles were also released under different ‘band’ names, such as Dead Sexys.

* this was VS Sons of Selina. Hammond revamped a very early SOS track and invited Neil Crud to contribute lyrics and guest on the single.

2007 album Men of Principle never made it to release (yet) – Track listing –
1 – Birth (Re Recorded -2007)
2 – Creatures Of The Night (Radio Edit)
3- Fighting The Fear That Bleeds
4 – Otto Skorzeny
5 – Many Different Ways
6 – Smackhead
7- Transmission
8 – Midlife Crisis
9 – She’s Lost Control
10 – Unwanted Male (Re Recorded)

(bonus tracks remixes of) Scared & Hit N Run Girl.