This turned up at the House of Crud with no return address, just a polite letter saying their previous work had been likened to Aphex Twin, Chemical Bros & Timo Maass. Whoever did that likening were very wrong, maybe the Chemicals at their very best would’ve been a closer description & I summed that up in the 1 minute 33 seconds that the Audio Terrorists spared me with this one track CD. 1.33 mins in my reckoning makes it about 5 mins too short. A great band name with a sound not too disimilar to the wonderful Lunatic Magnets & I wouldn’t be surprised if it did turn out to be them in disguise. They apologised for the shoddy packaging & presentation of the CD, but they could’ve sent it in a cow pat for all I cared; top notch stuff of a style that is thin on the ground in this area. Look fwd to more.