(Idlewild reviewed by The Goth & Black Swans by Neil Crud)

Goth – Sorry the review is late lads, I’ve been having my lunch.

Most of you should know what happened when I attempted to review Idlewild in Liverpool, supported by The Beatings, (well you would’ve if I could’ve made head or tail of it, but the gist of it was The Goth lost his wallet & phone while crowd surfing & found them intact at the end of the show! – Crud). So you will know that on leaving the car, this time in Bangor, that both my mobile phone & my wallet go straight in the glove compartment, leaving me with mere pocket change to lose this time!

After a heart wrenching 30 mins waiting for my mate to turn up with my ticket, I enter the building. On making my way through the well-packed & already sweating audience I feel a tap on the shoulder & turn to see Crud. So I take the opportunity to tell him to lose some weight & then, totally satisfied, I continue my evening.

Crud – The Black Swans landed this prestigious slot & lapped up the honours. Mike ‘Deaf’ Jones warned me just before they went on; ‘I hope you’ve got earplugs Neil, cos this is gonna be fucking loud.’ – He wasn’t joking! The Idlewild soundman looked tentatively over Mike’s shoulder as the deaf one attempted to sonically remove everyone’s follicles. Yep, he was right, it was fucking loud, only too fucking loud, my ears took days to recover! Blissfully unaware of this the Black Swans rammed their set down our throats & took their plaudits & seemed almost overwhelmed by the enormous response they received. Perhaps the rock’n’roll stance of ‘C’mon!’ were done in the excitement of it all for they are, or should be a lot cooler than that. Now where’s the number for my solicitor, damn, the blood from my ears has smudged the ink.

Thanks Crud. – To totally break ‘tune’ tradition, the wait for Idlewild to take the stage is shorter than the time it took to relieve my pint of its froth. The roar of the crowd at this point is true; everyone felt & meant it. By the time the band were throwing Roseability at the crowd I was in there & thoroughly ‘going for it.’ Being honest, I don’t really have a great deal to compare the Bangor crowd with, but tonight they were absolutely fierce; the best bit of North Wales Mosh I’ve seen so far, & this is obviously the spirit Idlewild were promoting.

As water was thrown over everyone I even found myself throwing an entire bottle of water at some guy in front of me with every bit of my strength, basically because the tall twat threw it over his shoulder & being the short bit of gothic that I am, my head received much of the bottle’s content. He spent the rest of the set rubbing the back of his sore head.

Idlewild finished off their energetic performance with the title track of their latest album, Remote Part which beautifully fades into an atmospheric rendition of Bronze Medal. 100% faultless. Goodnight (no cherries this time!)