The Breeding Ground as we know it has closed its doors to its present form. Paul Hammond & Steve Buckley picked up the pieces from The Stand that ran at Celebrities Nightspot last year & masterminded a plan to put the area on the map. It didn’t take long; from that opening night which saw Carbonari, Carbon Atom & Fudged grace the stage, the venue went on to host some memorable evenings every fortnight. A total of 18 shows since that February had provided a new lease of life to a decaying town. Bands which really stood out were Carpet, Carbonari, Fudged, Pocket Venus, Fubar & Flinch, but everyone who played there can be proud to say ‘I played there.’

Unfortunately there’ll also be a few of the crowd who could boast that they contributed to the eventual closure of the venue, as Rhyl continues to have an element that will shit in its own back yard & inevitably slip in it. Paul Hammond stated that he felt the nights were getting stale, he had started running at a loss, security was a concern. He did it out of enjoyment & when people started having a go at him when he was making his way home, he realised that it wasn’t worth it.

However, he does have plans to relocate the venue & host shows once a month, ‘less events, more quality,’ is what he told me. A quick look at the link2wales gig guide is testament enough that there is now a gaping void where once the Breeding Ground stood.