(review n pix by neil crud)

If the Breeding Ground was the gin then tonight’s turnout was the tonic needed. And while we’re on an alcohol subject, I knew I had over done it when I found my liver on the washing line on Sunday morning. It all started in the Swan in town with myself, Andy Fatman, Steve Sync, Fairziff, Dewi & Aled Gwyn & various Gwacamoliadau. Knowing that we faced the prospect of warm Fosters we sank as many properly tended lager as possible before heading for the cultural centre of North Wales. The head count was more than double that of the previous engagement (quadruple by the vision of alcohol intake) & we were greeted by the awesome sound of Burns Bright by Bangor’s Skinflick being blasted over the PA with breath taking affect.

Having escaped from the penitentury of Llandulas to the Big Smoke, Nutonic had that air of a band from London about them; the same as Blush did when they returned to these concrete pastures. That air of professionalism, of not quite arrogance but of experience – no on stage nerves here, they’ve done it all before, but that does have the fallback of not having a point to prove. Nutonic do have a feel of Mansun about them (& perhaps the look too), which isn’t a bad thing.

Alien Matter on the other hand do have a point to prove & all I can say is point well proven. When they burst into the opening song I thought ‘Oh no’ as the drums & vocals cut out; I quickly pointed this out to Chris White on the PA & he discovered that one of the idiots on stage (it had to be Cumi) had spilt a pint on the amp, tripping it out. With the sound restored to its glory I then asked Chris to turn the bass up – he told me to do the sound myself as he needed to go for a lie down & suffer from the awful ‘flu that’s doing the rounds (either that or he was pissed off with me trying to do his job for him!). The band didn’t let themselves or any of us down. In front of a ‘CUNTS’ backdrop & with a Limahl lookalike new guitarist they thrashed out a top quality set.

I would be lying if I passed any detailed comment about Gwacamoli as the ‘drink as much lager as possible’ policy before reaching the Breeding Ground didn’t work, as I drank even more on the premises. I do remember Dewi, Fatman & myself doing a mini-conga to the band & I also recall nodding my head in full appreciation of the top tunes coming from the stage but that’s about it – the rest is a total blank – I don’t remember what time we left, how we left, who with, how we got home & why at 4.30am? So it must’ve been a good night.

I am going to sin for the first time at the next Breeding Ground; I won’t be there so if anyone would be kind enough to submit a review for me then please send an e.mail.