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  1. neilcrud
    April 10, 2012 @ 12:46 am

    Dusty Moonan, speaking in 2012 says, ‘Paul Hammond had posted on Crud’s (now defunct) Link2Wales message board if there is anyone who fancies trying an acoustic opening slot. I was the only soft twat that replied and seeing that I lost my band and my bird in the last two weeks, I thought I would have a bash. “What about this Saturday?” This was Wednesday! I was like “Ahh, fuck it then.”

    Having played and seen plenty of gigs at TBG, the thought only occurred to me after that, fuck, I’m gonna get eaten alive! Especially when getting to the venue and especially cause I had to tune a 12 string on the beach and hope it didn’t take a knock between then and when I went on.

    I spent most of the time backstage trying to chill Flea Circus out as they were looking like they were going to start killing each other, which took my mind off it. Paul gave me a shout and up I went. He stopped me just I went on and said, “I think you’ve got a lot of balls doing this Moo.” I know he meant well, but I’ve had better pep talks.
    I’m not proud of it, I started with a stolen line from Robbie Williams when he played V. “I’m Dusty Moonan…….and I’m shitting myself.” To my amazement, it went well. Better than well actually. There was a point where I was semi-blindly looking over the heads, across the smoke cloud to the open door that showed the gas rig glistening. Not one prone to romanticism like that, it was quite something.

    I think Jamie Cardno did it after and pissed on me. We accidently created the trend of acoustic opening acts which is now the norm at many Rhyl gigs. For that, I would like to apologise.’


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