A very local feel – Hitchcock had planned to have a live birth on stage but the drummer’s wife chickened out last minute & opted for her local hospital instead. Thankfully Carpet were on hand to fill the spot with 24 hours notice.
It’s quite significant that all tonight’s bands are local this week after finally making in-roads so far as recognition is concerned. Homespun, Flinch & Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials (hey! & this website) are all featured on Radio One’s Session in Wales website this week. It’s important for those involved to keep the impetus going now & to remain hungry for more. The UK public has a very short attention span & a lapse in productivity will have you banished into the recycle bin of forgotten memories forever. The bands, having grasped the nettle now need to boil it (nettle tea anyone?) to ensure they keep avoiding the snakes & climbing the ladders, this will also benefit the area with other bands wishing to emulate them. Hot on their heels will be Babakin, Colwyn Bay’s power popsters who play their sets a little like brewing wine (nettle wine anyone?). – They start off by showing us all the ingredients but it isn’t until half way through the set that they actually start to show some real fizz. And when they do that cork leaves not only the bottle at velocity, but also smashes straight through the ceiling. Naturals on stage, Babakin could give a lesson or two to some of their contemporaries with on stage presence.

Homespun too have that air of arrogance about them & if they dropped the ‘this is our next single’ banter & replaced it with abuse then they’d be the finished product as the songs are tighter than Steve Sync in a round (& that’s really tight). Had Homespun been born Stateside I’m certain they’d be rollin – rollin – rollin in it by now, but they shouldn’t be judged on the placement of birth.

I used to like Carpet, but after seeing them open up tonight’s proceedings I have to say that I now love them, so I was quite pleased to hear they’d been drafted in to replace Hitchcock. As I said in my previous review, Carpet are a filthy dirty rock’n’roll band & on tonight’s performance it’s evident that they haven’t washed since I last saw them. Whereas most good guitarists make love to their instrument, John Morris calls his ‘Bitch’ & rapes her without remorse, that guitar screams with delightful agony as he forces himself upon her rentlentlessly. What I really like about Carpet is their lack of desire to be crowd pleasers, there’s no tune thrown in for the mums & dads, no commercial bent, just pure dirty filthy rock’n’roll, yeah!