Llandudno, unlike its downmarket neighbour Rhyl, has never been an enclave for local music, probably That Voodoo, Fetish Fay & The Dark was all the town could offer & that was in the late 80s. So Alien Matter are a break from the norm. This demo doesn’t do the band justice as it was recorded before Steve Sync was draughted in on keyboards to make them almost Sons of Selina clones (OK, not almost, but you could see where the influences were coming from). Alien Matter started life as a seminal Oi-punk band before Cumi answered a newspaper advert for a drummer to add dynamics to the songs. 99 was recorded in Sept of that year. My lawyers are very interested in the opening to Rasputin which was lifted straight off Sons of Selina’s On a Promise. But these songs, Matador, Possessed, Lazers, No Knickers, Bad Earth & the above mentioned rip-off do have their moments which should be heard live with the keyboards for full entertainment.