Got this telling off from AOL for my Neil Crud AOL Profile

Subj:      Conditions of Service: Profile Violation

Date:      3/18/99 7:46:36 PM GMT Standard Time

From:      COSProfile

To:      neilcrud

Dear Member,

AOL’s Member agreement provides community guidelines for online conduct.  We deleted the following PROFILE for the screen name neilcrud on your account which violated these guidelines.  Here is the portion of the profile which did not comply:

Hobbies:          Rape & Pillage

We made every effort to consider your intentions when you created this profile.  However, the text was in violation of the Member agreement.  If you have other screen names with profiles similar to this please change them at keyword: Profile.

Our Member agreement, which was presented to you during the sign up process, allows AOL to be informative, entertaining and, above all, fun for all of our members.  You can review that agreement by using the keyword: RULES.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to the screen name COSProfile.



Conditions of Service Dept.,