Steve Harley has twice played in a pub in his illustrious career, both times in the last couple of years, and both times at Telfords Warehouse in Chester.

Those of you in the dark could be forgiven that Mr. Harley has fallen on harder times and is now earning his crust by playing pubs and clubs, but when you consider that the royalties he earns every year just from the single ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)’ is enough for an average suburban family to live comfortably on, you soon realise that it’s not a case of doing this or getting a job.

Sat at the back of the homely settings of Telfords, which is a pub not a warehouse, the majority of the male faction of the audience gave away the tell tale sign of their age; the bald patch.  At 32, I was probably the youngest one there.  As his audience grows older, Steve Harley seems to look the same as he always has, his lips may no more be ruby blue and the eye shadow and glitter is out of sight.

An evening with Steve Harley stripped to the bare bones; I pondered on the drive into Chester as to how two acoustic guitars could reproduce some of those haunting and daunting masterpieces like ‘Sebastian’ and ‘Tumbling Down,’ my queries were soon answered and I wasn’t disappointed.

I now eagerly await the full blown band tour in the coming year, OK so the intimacy won’t be there, neither will the witty anecdotes between songs and the total difference you get from a song unplugged; this is what we all enjoyed this evening, and it won’t be more of the same at the Apollo next year.  With my livers on strings, I can’t wait.