As far I know, this hasn’t been released in the UK (correct me if I’m wrong), so I stole it from that pirate of the music industry, Yassassin. The word on the web is that L+R are in decline, & judging by this LP who am I to argue. The songs are Love And Rockets songs, & on their own they are fine; but put them against what has been previously released & you’ll get my drift. No wonder they kissed & made up with Pete Murphy; a Bauhaus resurrection was the best way to boost interest in the band.

This is the point I put forward to the Bauhaus Newsgroup:

Crud: > Do you think the whole thing (Bauhaus Resurrection Tour) was a ploy by L&R to boost their dwindling support? I mean – I would go & see them now, having seen Bauhaus.
Danfouts: > More likely I think it was a testing of the waters to determine what kind of returns could be realized by investing their talents in this other thing, Bauhaus, as opposed to focusing only on the one thing that is L&R. I’m in the same boat you’re in, in the sense that I’d go see a L&R gig now despite the fact I haven’t been bothered for years. But when you go from selling out stints at the Hollywood Palladium or the Brixton Academy in one band to playing third on a bill to Liz Phair and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in a small club in Boston less than a month after the Bauhaus thing winds down…I imagine that would be quite anticlimatic to say the least. And when you’re 40 or whatever, different considerations presumably take precedent over the considerations that you had as a 16 year old—or those that a 16 year old fan would like you to place at the forefront in order to make a good rock and roll story by abiding by the rules of integrity. It just happens that way, like it does for a 40 year old accountant or welder or whatever. So if the eventual goal of Bauhaus Part Two really is fame or larger crowds or more press or more money instead of just wanting to do it because of its “artistic potential” or the assertion that they’re “thrilled to work together again” or any other rationale that would constitute the stereotypical “right (fan acceptable) reasons,” we’ll probably never know. I would guess they’d prefer—particularly Daniel—to do L&R exclusively if it had the potential to still be bigger, since they get to write the lyrics and sing at the forefront and speak on behalf of their own “contemporary” music, but I can’t see them ignoring the potential of revisiting the Bauhaus thing as a fully reformed and recording/touring outfit. Too much temptation and upside. Hopefully, the are getting along splendidly and really do want to revisit the whole Bauhaus thing because they’re back in love with each other, but in the long run, I don’t really care what the real motivations are as long as it happens.