sos4(from Crud Diaries)

‘I phoned Mike Jones (he of Sound Solution) to see about hiring the Novanex PA without a soundman for Saturday’s gig, as a vocal PA I expected a price of about £30, so when he told me £60 I screamed “FUCK OFF” at him, which took him aback. He asked me how much I anticipated the price would be & I told him. He said £40 take it or leave it…I left it.

‘I then tried to get just the mixing desk off him for a tenner & use Cumi’s cabs.

‘Then with everything set for rehearsals at Gardener’s Studio the next day Cumi goes & tells me that his other band Frank’s Dad are rehearsing there & they can’t reschedule it as their singer is coming up from London & there’s no way he can get in touch with him to tell him otherwise. I was going to kick off but I’m tired of arguing with Cumi as there’s no way of winning. It’s always a battle to get these twats together all on the same night.

‘A day later & I had convinced Cumi to give into to my demands & we rehearsed at Gardener’s costing me £15 (inc, £7.50 for the last time before xmas). We didn’t really need to get together as we glided through the songs as if we’d played them yesterday & not over 3 months ago. We did however have a go at doing Dreamshadow which wasn’t too bad & also tried out a new riff (which eventually ended up being Shower Scene From Carrie)

We were going to to play Meliden Squash Club the following evening but I managed to dispell any hopes the manager of the place had of us playing despite his efforts, by telling him our asking price of £200 & lending him a CD. So instead I thought I had better show my face at the Bistro where I had arranged a gig for God’s Little Monkeys. Yes I do remember them being that bad in York, perhaps bad is the wrong word; I mean they’re musically accomplished & the singer’s got a strong voice (although annoying), it’s just that the songs are dull.


One good thing came of the evening though, me & Martin were talking to Mike Jones & gave him a tenner in advance for using the desk tomorrow & he said “Fuck it, take the whole Novanex PA & whatever microphones you need” All for a tenner! He must have got his oats off his supermodel girlfriend!

‘As far as the gig at The Cestrian with GOD’S LITTLE MONKEYS went, if I think of the money and more so the effort I, personally have put into this gig & I find myself thoroughly pissed off with it all.

‘The money £10 petrol and £1 for posters which I travelled to & pasted up in Chester last weekend. £10 for the PA and £10 for fuel to get to the gig. Plus £15 for rehearsing on Wednesday (inc, what was owed from last time). This made it quite an expensive week & all coming from my pocket, a total of £46 in 7 days, which I am going to take back out of our royalty cheque which should arrive shortly. The effort? Not counting all the hassles and mountains in my way in the week leading up to tonight, I had to get the van off Mike Pimley & empty 7 bags of cement & all the tools into my garage before loading up the TVs (the SOS show has banks of TVs onstage). Then I drove to Colwyn Bay to pick up Robin at 4pm, who announced that he needed to go shopping & get something to eat before we left, I very nearly called the whole thing off there & then, & would have done had it not been such a struggle to get the gig in the 1st place. I calmly dissuaded Robin from going shopping (he only wanted to buy food for the week!!), but although I tried to lure him into the van with the promise of chips, he would not be deterred from making porridge. So we got on the road and picked Andy Fatman up in Kinmel Bay & headed to Sound Solution where Bonehead awaited with the Novanex PA, it soon became apparent that the van, although a 1.5 tonne Bedford was not going to accommodate all the gear and the band so we were going to have to take a car. Cumi was coming down later in his car with Wayne (ex-4Q), Jane & Claire, so perhaps Martin could take his car, which was lucky in a way as I had driven through Abergele & forgotten to pick him up, so a phone call confirmed he’d drive and take Fatman, Bonehead & Robin. While my next port of call Steve Sync, would come with me.

‘God’s Little Monkeys had been in Chester for the better part of the day taking in the gloom of the claustrophobic room we were to play in, which got even smaller as we started filling it with all our stuff. Although Jeff & Rob turned up it was apparent that by the time God’s Little Monkeys began playing (9pm), we weren’t going to get any sort of large crowd. So we listened to & applauded them, putting up with the female vocalist’s horrendously piercing voice.

‘By the time we were due to play there was at least a few more people, although getting them to pay was a different matter- £16 is what was taken in the end £10 of which I took for the PA & I gave the remainder to Kev of GLM. I got punched in the neck by a drunk 40 year old woman who then paid a quid to get in & made sexual gestures to me through our set, a business type dress man & his wife barged in & when I asked if he was paying he said; ‘Certainly not!’ I presumed they would leave as soon as he started playing, but on the contrary they stood right at the front & enjoyed every minute of the show.

‘So with the TV’s playing the MindFuck video in the adjacent corner we began the set; 4+20, Climb, Life Is But, Of The 1st Water, Anxiety, Terminus, For Want Of A Better Name, As Clear As Mud then, although it was only half rehearsed last Thursday we did Dreamshadow live for the 1st time & it was spot on & fitted really well running through from As Clear As Mud, it made all the hassles worth it just to hear that, I of course just watched it being played, I will eventually be playing the bells part on the synths – once I’ve learnt how to do it. We wrapped it up with On A Promise.

‘The snidey bastards all promised to help me with the gear on returning to Rhyl. Steve Sync insisted on being dropped off in town to meet his beloved, then when I got to Sound Solution, Bonehead was there to assist with getting the PA back in but Fatman & Martin had gone to the Bistro, which left me to re-load all the bags of cement etc. back into the van, which I completed by 1.45am, in time to return it to Mike by 8am.’



Life Is But
Of The First Water
For Want Of A…
As Clear As Mud
On A Promise