(from the Pigstock website)
During the early to mid nineties Denbigh was enjoying a revival of live folk and country blues music at venues such as the Folk Club at the hope and Anchor pub on Vale Street. The nights of music there had seen acts as diverse as Traditional Irish pipe players to country blues players from local bands such as the Giro Gypsies, Redhill, Terminal, Rum Bum and Concertina and other local artistes such as Penny Neal, Brian Liqourice Locking, Steve Aspey and Clerical Error. The nights were usually free and songwriters and artistes from across the area would show up to perform at one of the friendliest nights around. Beer would flow voices would soar and many would remember the times for years to come… During this period the idea formed to stage a festival of all the talent that had frequented the nights over the years, An idea that would prove very successful for years to come and Denbigh music festival as it was initially known was born out of this. During December of 1995 a show was put on at the local theatre, Twm or Nant. Following on from the success of this show Brothers Huw and John Evans together with John Sellers, Alan Thompson, Matt Miller, Philip O`loughlin and others would take the idea and run with it in the form of an open air event which would eventually become Pigstock

Pineapple’s Paul Claxton, the stage was an articulated lorry trailor