Letter to the press – edited version published in Daily Post
I have to vent my anger and disgust over the manner in which the Events Arena ‘Rockfest’ was abruptly brought to an end, and also in the way it was advertised. Firstly, the council, especially Councillor David Davies, took great pride in pulling the plug before the three more established bands were due to play. On questioning the aforementioned councillor of the implications of his actions so far as the band’s efforts and people who had travelled from other areas to see the headlining bands were concerned, I was given a priggish reply as his colleagues gloated in self satisfaction.

A council approved event carries council responsibilities so I call upon anyone who was left out of pocket as a direct result of the council’s action to write to them with a claim for expenses. And should a miracle happen and you actually recieve any money, then I recommend that it is donated to Shelter, the charity for the homeless people of North Wales, which is, after all, why we agreed to play at the event in the first place. I must also point the finger at the organisers of the event. Apart from the production manager, Noel Kershaw, who executed his part with tireless professionalism, I found the advertising very unusual indeed! The only posters I found were at The Savoy Bistro and my local Chinese Chippy! If you don’t advertise, how are people going to know? Coverage from the local media was also disappointingly minimal.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from last Saturday’s farce: Never use council property and don’t trust people who make posters that look like car boot sale advertisements!