sos5 Ken Mainardis realised that working for Reuters held far more potential than playing in Sons Of Selina and made London his permanent abode. Robin being a far better bass player than guitarist took up Ken’s role and Neil played the fill ins.


The Bistro for nostalgic purposes was always a good place to play live. It was the place where many of the ‘alternative types’ could dance the night away to alternative music, or just chill out with their mates. You were reasonably safe in the knowledge that the dickhead fraternity will be trying to kill each other in Rhyl’s other nightclubs, and you were guaranteed that no happy house dance shit would be played here.

It was a very busy night, probably more due to the fact that most people were on their deserved xmas break rather than Sons Of Selina’s pulling power (or lack of). Still, there were a fair few who purposely came to see the band and the band kept people’s attention despite their lengthy songs!
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Good stage set up backed with loads of TVs playing weird clips of Armageddon, slogans, psychedelic sequences and static!

Set list – 4+20, Climb, Anxiety**, Life Is But*, Of The First Water*, Terminus, For Want Of A Better Name, Kalgan, On A Promise, Fire In The Hole*


SOS line up for this gig was Neil Crud- vocals/*bass/**guitar. Robin- bass/*guitar. Martin Wilding- guitar. Bonehead- guitar. Steve Sync – keyboards. Cumi- drums.