Nor do We? “Have an idea about our music,” that is. That’s the word from Sons of Selina.
“WELL, I hate hippies really!” laughs Neil Birchall, frontman with Welsh-based Sons of Selina. “I don’t know what we’re doing on a psychedelic label
Sons of Selina, four years old now, have just released their self-produced debut album, “Nour D’Oui” (now do you get the headline Nor Do We?), on psychedelic label Delerium (itself an offshoot of excellent psychedelic fanzine “Freakbeat”).
“We’re more like a football team really,” he says of the seven-piece. “We’ve got substitutes, attack, defence, you name it.”
The deal with Delerium came about following the independently released “Anxiety” single: “I asked Delerium if they’d finance the follow-up, ‘Life Is But’, and they liked it so much they offered us an album deal.”
Whilst much of Delerium’s early output opted – as you’d expect – for fine but trippy psychedelic fare (check out the excellent Porcupine Tree if you get the chance), newer signings like the Dead Flowers and Sons of Selina add some real bite.
“I can’t even describe our music,” concedes Birchall, “and I love watching reviewers try to describe it. The best description we’ve had is ‘punk grown up’, or ‘Pink Floyd with attitude’. I suppose they’re pretty good descriptions.
“Only two of us write the music. Nothing’s deliberate. We don’t jam it, we just come up with ideas and that’s it. Although I don’t know how it ends up like that, you tell me.”
It sounds like a swirling blend of aggressive punk with a catchy psychedelic bent, a touch of Hawkwind here, maybe a smidgen of Pink Floyd there, and a rush of Clash-like angst thrown in for good measure.
“We’ve played every toilet between here and Brighton,” Birchall continues, laughing. “But we try and play down the gigs. We are looking to expand the touring now.”
Although an offer to go on the road with the Levellers was turned down (“We agree with their ideals, but I hate their music,” says Birchall), Sons of Selina will be touring the UK in support of “Nour D’Oui”. Keep those eyes peeled. (Jerry Ewing)