Sons of Selina – Nour D’Oui

Cat No: DELEC CD/LP 025
Formats: Vinyl / cd

Track Listing

  1. Climb5:23 (Sons of Selina)
  2. Life Is But7:08 (Sons of Selina)
  3. Existing Services6:32 (Sons of Selina)
  4. Gamoto Manopano5:50 (Sons of Selina)
  5. * Of The First Water6:15 (Sons of Selina)
  6. * Once Every So Often4:22 (Sons of Selina)
  7. 4 + 205:48 (Sons of Selina)
  8. * Growing Bold6:41 (Sons of Selina)
  9. Anxiety4:57 (Sons of Selina)
  10. It’s A Boy4:48 (Sons of Selina)
  11. On A Promise7:57 (Sons of Selina)
  12. Dreamshadow4:18 (Sons of Selina)

( * Extra Tracks on CD)

Press Reviews

Metal Hammer

BIZARRE yet enchanting hybrid of swirling psychedelia and more aggresive punky overtones from hitherto unknown Welsh outfit signed to the excellent Delerium label. Kind of like a Hawkwind for the 90s.


Quite a mixed bag from the Sons of Selina… some glorious space rock that fits somewhere between Omnia Opera at their best and Magic Mushroom Band, with a hint or two of Webcore’s more energetic moments here there… classic forward-moving space food for Hawkheads. Long winding interstellar jams that fly through the ether. Then some of it dips a toe into a space rock crossover and comes out sounding like no one else… maybe if someone like Scum of Toytown were to make a record with Hawkwind and add a whole lump of prog rock in there too, a tantalisingly original combination of sounds giving Sons of Selina something of their own. Some of it gets more electronic and experimental with an almost spoken word landscape… sounds almost like Pram actually. If someone was to ask to hear a typical Sons of Selina track it would be impossible to play them something, the band are all over the place. There is, however, a thread that holds it together so it does work… it’s sounding more like New Model Army right now! then you turn over to side two and it gets all ambient again… Then some space punk… then some festi sounding swirling keyboards… It all adds up to a rather good album.


The ‘Sons’ produce an anger fuelled brew of punchy guitars, psychedelic warps & a big, big sound on the opening track “Climb”. There are however, mellower moments that just simply breath intensity, “Gamoto Manpano”, an instrumental dream, that rips a decidedly sweet & beckoning guitar.
Whereas “Anxiety” takes this blue-print one step further, mainly due to the incensed vocals, full of sheer hatred.
For pure acid bliss you should try “Dreamshadow” or even “On A Promise” which is a delicate overture before tearing into an ecstatic climax. A sound of thunder – with ranting vocals, catering for everyone’s taste, via the New Model Army-ish soundscape, the ambient textures with their psychedelic tinge or the vaguely prog rock, yet biting guitar lines. Should be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, especially if it’s of the mushroom variety. (9. Lizard)

Rock ‘n’ Reel

Delerium Records is fast gaining a reputation as one of the finest psychedelia, freakbeat, space-rock, ambient labels in the UK with a growing roster that includes some of the scenes leading lights.
Wales Sons of Selina are purveyors of straight down the line space-rock, that also strongly displays a punk style rawness and the crackling distortion fired guitar sound so loved by that genre. The keyboards though are used to particular effect giving “Life Is But” a spectacular presence, that is lost amongst gothic atmosphere that pervades the whole album does five it a strangely sinister beauty.
The inventiveness of “Once Every So Often”, spoken words over a rhythmic psychedelic soundscape and the melodic violin coloured “It’s A Boy” display another side to their collective talents on what is an album capable of many surprises and holding hidden delights that makes the journey of discovery well worthwhile.

Buzz Factory

I’m not sure what to make of this. Agit-paganism or the new space-rock politics. It’s sort of experimental rock with punk lyrics and loads of electronic effects. They may be from Wales but they’re a million miles away from The Manics. Stop searching your soul and tap into The Sons of Selina; they’ll do it for you.

Crohinga Well

The Sons of Selina are a Welsh band, founded by Neil Birchill who spent several years of his early youth in various punk rock groups. Some claim that “punk’s not dead”; possible, but it didn’t stop Neil from evolving musically towards a more matured and elaborate sound, without losing the energy of his earlier work. So far we got some insight into The Sons of Selina’s achievements with two 7″ singles, “Anxiety” (1992) and “Life is But” (1993), songs that are both included on this more than 70 minutes long CD. The Sons of Selina play a hard to identify type of music: it’s dark, brooding fusion between punk/new wave elements, space & progressive rock, dipped into an estranging Welsh mushroom tea. This is not happy, fluffy, trippy music but a series of dark, oppressing journey’s into the twilight zone between pessimistic social observation and hypochondriac science fiction.
Not an album for the week-end hippies, but a very original and diverse collection of songs that add one more facet to the already shiny jewel of new British psychedelic music. An interesting and intriguing experience for those who dare to descend into this lysergic coal-mine. Recommended.

The Prisoner

Strangely compelling Ozrics/New Model Army/Hawkwind, add a dash of Pop Will Eat Itself and you’re on the right, but strange, track. Musically the band are that guy you once met at the party you found fascinating but scary. Fascinating. Scary.


Punked-up space rock that knocks you flat. It dives off in all directions – with a sledgehammer. Pure energy gone mad – but not noise. Each song is infected with groove & melody and played with such aggression.