2.47am – Good morning Yugoslavia
8.50am – The paranoia of the Yugoslavs is running high as every province calls for independence. Independence from what exactly? Freedom? What is freedom? Freedom to vote? When has your vote ever counted? Whoever you vote for the government always wins. Crass always taught me that all governments are the same, they can call it freedom, but slavery’s the game. There were police checks all over the joint and early on we saw a couple of burnt out cars, still smouldering as men in uniform brandishing guns gingerly poked around the wreckage.
We pulled up 70km before Belgrade for a piss stop – and had a refreshing hairwash in the warm sun (not using piss) before heading toward the undergrowth for a little water relief, ensuring we dodged the landmines of human faeces on the way.
1.30pm – The temperature is rising as we head further south, and the quality of the roads is deteriorating. The countryside in Yugoslavia was as interesting as Belgium in the North so I slept as much as possible. The further South we travelled we meandered through Alpine-ish mountains. Had to pay 25 dinar for a crap; not ready for outdoor pooing just yet!
6.50pm – Feta time – Good evening Greece. Had to get our rucksacks out on the Greek border and show the unsmiling customs guys the contents. My whole life laid out in the dust for everyone to see.
8.50pm – Just leaving Thessalonika after changing coaches. The heat is amazing! Just to think, it’s pissing it down in Britain. I wonder if Paul Scouse has put Crud #9 out for me, and if so, what the backlash is?
Greek word of the day – Pempti [Thursday]