Today is the day I leave, but judging by the intense gales hammering the island it looks like there won’t be a ferry today, maybe not all week!
Hitched to Potamos & then to Pelagia, I thought the wind would prevent the ferry from coming but the nice young lady at the Martha booking office told me it would be leaving from the more sheltered Kapsali at 5.30pm. That gave me time to walk up to the Vouno, gather my belongings, say goodbye to Cheryl, leave a note for Wayne & walk down to  Pelagia where I had lunch with an Australian teacher whose conversation didn’t span further than smoking joints & staying up til 9am, she was the sort of girl who’d get shagged at a party but always woke up alone.
A lift from 2 Aussies to Aroniadika saw me well on my way & then a lift off a Greek accompanied by a Jamaican accented rasta from London & his Oxford based girlfriend.

6.15pm- Bye bye Kythera. Do I regret leaving? Leaving the security of work & somewhere to eat & sleep? We’ll see…

Neapoli – Met the Jamaican (Peter Tosh) & his girlfriend Marie in the port, he’d just been searched by the police, they had put it down to racial harrassment until I got the same treatment. Apparently they were looking for a German who’d been up to no good.

Tried to hitch to Sparti, gave up, bought some scoffs & found an unfinished hotel to sleep outside for the night.

Ferry – Kythera to Neapoli = 800drax.

Wrote some lyrics, but they sound too much like AC/DC’s Ride On

Living out of a bag, sleeping on the side of a road

Boots on my feet & a coat to keep out the cold

Where my next meal is from I just do not know

I’ve got to get to the sun & away from the rain & snow

I’ve got a thumb I’m gonna use it

It’s gonna get me outta here

Gonna get a lift to the sunshine

To where the sky is clear