I’m now sat on a P&O Ferry (Pisshead Overboard!) in Dover waiting to sail out to Ostend. It’s 11.35pm and I got up this morning as late as possible to consume as much sleep as my body could muster. Now adapting the scavenging for food mentality I used to possess as a poor teenager Wayne and myself stuffed our faces in order to stockpile as many calories as stomachly possible, said goodbye to Ian and Jovis and set on our way.

I don’t feel in any way excited, y’know, that sort of butterflies in the stomach excitedness. I am looking forward to it, although having spent over 2 hours on the coach from London to Dover and the prospect of another 2.5 days sat in the seat doesn’t help. One advantage is that there’s only 14 people on the coach, and 4 of them are 3 lads and a girl our age, Donna, Paul, Richard and Adam from Harrogate who seem ok and their North Yorkshire accents provide pisstaking entertainment, as does our semi-scouse Welsh drawl.
Just watched the ghost of Vera Lynn sobbing uncontrollably on the White Cliffs of Dover as we fade into the misty distance slicing random channel swimmers as we head towards Europe. Going to attempt to sleep now for most of the 4 hour crossing.
[Later] Simply impossible to sleep on a ferry when you’re not used to it, especially when you’re in the video room. It’s 2.15am now and every other tosser onboard is obviously used to it as they’re all flat out except me, Wayne and the drunks propping up the bar. Pissing it down outside, as mother nature reminds us of the glorious weather we’re leaving behind in good old blightly!!
Greek words of the day – Triti (Tuesday). Ikosi Pende (25).