12.55am – Just stopped at a service station somewhere 209km north of Athens and like any service station anywhere in the world they know they have a captive audience with needs. My needs were caffienated so I was grateful to be ripped off 200 drachma (60p) for a cup of tea, ok it tasted like shit, but I mustn’t complain, it was good to taste home briefly, now where’s the bacon and egg?
8.10am – We were dropped off in Athens at 3am, happy that the can opening dealer of fate finally dealt us a decent hand and prized our sardined bodies out of that coach called home. Wayne, Donna, Paul, Richard, Adam and myself and an Irish lad called Michael walked up to Omnia Square in the city. Token prostitutes and rent boys masqueraded around for prospective customers, a tramp slept on a wall, sporting only one shoe with his bare foot filthy and cut, he was oblivious to the mayhem of cars, humans and subhumans marauding all around him.
The tube opened at 5am and we commuted to the port of Piraeus where we had breakfast; refusing to pay anymore rip off prices, mine consisted of protein filled peanuts. Wayne and myself said our goodbyes to our North Yorkshire friends, swapping addresses, they were on their way to Paros, whereas we boarded the Ionian ferry with a 9 hour trip to Kythera ahead of us, feasting on stale sesame buns.
6.20pm – Set foot on Kythera at the port of Agia Pelagia. Wayne saw a lot of people he knew from last year’s excursion. We had some food and dropped our excess baggage at ‘The house on the hill,’ which is a gruelling, character building walk! The ferry leaves Kapsali at the south of the island at 2am, so we decided to hitch the 27km across the length of Kythera. We walked uphill with rucksacks to Potamos which is 4 miles and contemplated the reality that we may have to walk the whole journey as darkness fell upon us. Thankfully we got 3 lifts to our destination. Met a Canadian called Jim who’s also going to Crete. Tickets cost £6 each.
Words of the day – Ohi [no], Neh [yes], Efaristo [thank you], Peos [penis]