Scott Causer and Neil Crud

A chaotic night…


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Neil Crud on returning to the UK for 5 days joined PSST on stage for a chaotic encore.  Robin was later arrested & charged with 7 offences including; drink driving, assaulting a police officer, obstruction & criminal damage to a police car. Just your average run of the mill night out in Rhyl really.
Here’s how the story goes – (taken from the book – This Patch of Land)

Meanwhile the history section of the PSST website wrote of late 1991: ‘Still no sign of Neil, Robin unable to get out of bed, and just a week to go before the next Bistro gig Paul and Dean write an entire new set in just one afternoon! Scott Causer is brought in to play bass even though he can’t play it – but he looks good!
‘This was the night that put an end to live music in the Bistro for a while. Neil Crud turns up from Greece on the night! Robin is pissed and so is Paul and so are Jon and Scott! Robin breaks two strings but carries on anyway; Dean stops mid-song to bollock Scott for ‘fucking up’,
‘Neil then joins the band on stage for a typical demonic Crud performance. Paul is more concerned that both his girlfriends, future wife, and future mother of his baby are all sat at the same table! The gig is a blast!’

The aftermath of the performance became folklore on the North Wales coast, as Paul describes events, ‘Taking the gear home, Dean is assaulted, so me, a very pissed Robin and Jon who is also a Special Constable, i.e.; unpaid copper, go looking for the culprits. Dean spots one, Jon stops his car, leaves it with doors open, engine running with Robin pissed in the back in the middle of the road! Dean, Paul, and Jon catch the lad who Jon then arrests. Jon then goes to retrieve his car only to find it gone! Robin has been arrested! Robin in his wisdom has tried to move the car out of the way of oncoming traffic, which was unfortunately an oncoming police car! Robin upset at the police not accepting his story assaults both officers and smashes the police car window!’

By now the entire band are in the police station, along with one of Paul’s girlfriends who had just met the other one! She’s screaming “I hope you catch fucking AIDS!” The police request the band’s video of the gig in order to charge Robin. They don’t get it. In all Robin faces seven charges including; assault, destruction of police property, drunk driving, no insurance, etc. etc… what a night!

That was Scott’s final gig with the band, ‘I wasn’t in them for long but I have a lot of memories around from this time as I was mates with them after I left and used to go to gigs, party and hang out with them. Everything that was great and bad about PSST happened that night at that gig. It’s gone down in legend, and I’m not sure I could add to it. Everyone has their own perspective. The gig was atrocious but a great laugh, and the night ended in pure chaos.’

Scott left the band though he could have continued, ‘There was also the time Paul came all the way up to the Tiv in Buckley to try and get me back in PSST. Me and Rob [Snapshot] had gone to see Cud. Paul got me on one side and asked me to rejoin. He told me he’d gone all the way there especially. I didn’t want to as I was mates with them and I used to see it as a laugh whereby they took it seriously, so it wasn’t really fair on them. I was pretty chuffed he’d gone out of his way to ask me, but there was no way I was going to rejoin. Then Paul went back and a couple of days later I’d heard I’d been sacked ha ha ha – you gotta hand it to him!’

Paul’s take on Scott was, ‘I can’t say I knew Scott that well, he was a good friend of Dean and Rob Snapshot. He was a really fun guy though and a complete pisshead, which made him perfect for PSST! Musically Scott had nothing then, but neither did any of us so it didn’t matter, we either turned him down or unplugged him at gigs and told him to look good which of course he was good at. His own words were “If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have any birds coming to your gigs!” I can’t recall him writing anything and I can’t say anything bad ’cause I didn’t really know him, he was just fuckin’ mad, and still is!’

While Dean remembers, ‘Being in a band with Scott was ace. He left ‘cause he couldn’t get to grips with the fact that he would have to learn more chords for the bass and left saying he was “Too sexy for the band.” I’m still in contact with Scott and he is doing well for himself and still an ace guy… bless him.’