(taken from http://www.elstykio.co.uk)

Carnage travelled to Kingswinford (near Wolverhampton) in an attempt to spread their fan base even further afield. El Stykio was suffering from a sore throat for this one as you will be able to hear and struggled throughout the night. Chris’ guitar was sounding absolutely fantastic and in typical Carnage fashion, something had to go wrong, and it did, as Tash broke his snare drum skin towards the end of Demonic Uprisal. Enjoy!!
This gig has been pulled off Tape Cassette and re-mixed by El Stykio himself.

Track Listing (Click on a track to listen to):

1 – Brain Disease 2 – Yes,Sir 3 – Sadistic Molester

4 – Snap 5 – Demonic Uprisal 6 – Reincarnation

7 – Immigrant 8 – Death 9 – Another One Bites The Dust

10 – Time To Die 11 – Cup ‘o’ Tea

12 – Shagged Out 13 – Atomic