(from Crud Diaries)
I’ve grown to hate thrash, as in British thrash, there seems to be hundreds of clones playing unimaginative and uninspiring noise. Unfortunately, that’s what Carnage are, I hate their music, having seen hundreds of these bands across the north in the last 2 years, but I suppose they’re all right, a bit childish even by 4Q standards! Apart from Knoxy I don’t think they thought much of us either.
I guess in ten years time I’ll play their demo and really like it…!
The crowd (about 150) consisted mainly of 30+ year olds, it had a working man’s club feel to it and it was a dodgy audience who could take 4Q either way. Thankfully they enjoyed the show we put on and received LSD, MENTAL ASYLUM, NEIN WERK, VIDEO PARTY, BAT GOOCH, POO ON MY SHOE, BURN IN HELL, IMAGINE, 4Q BLUES.