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Did you go? Let us know…
Gareth Potter says, ‘I was there. I’d all but given up on guitar music. It was great. Like a rave complete with scallies and loads of dodgy flares. Most of all I remember Reni being a bloody amazing drummer and Cressa dancing.’

Andy of Andy’s Records states, ‘ I was there. I went for a pint in the next room where, sans distortion, one could hear the true extent of Ian Brown’s vocal capabilities. Ed Kelly the Ents supremo at the time, booked House of Love, and Insipid Craprats in the same term… come back Ed, we still need you.’

Gareth replies, ‘Ha! Ian was never the greatest of vocalists, but a very fine frontman never the less. Truckloads of charisma. They came on to ‘I Wanna be a Door’ and the crowd were freaky dancing like nobody’s business. I loved that. Actually dancing at a gig, rather than just gawping and chin stroking. The mood was celebratory. Or chemically enhanced. Or both, probably. A very special time. I think I bought the album from you AndysRecords the very next day.’