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We had to blag this gig as our name was getting around and our reputation thus meant we couldn’t get to play anywhere. So I booked this gig as The Four Quavers, and to see that name on the Notice Board of The British Legion did raise an inward smile as we loaded the gear in.
The room was being used for bingo when we turned up. Cumi joked to one of the staff if the 60 pensioners would be staying for the show,
‘Oh yes,’ replied the Welsh accent.  Cumi conveyed the news to the rest of a very shocked band. Not only did 4Q have to face Llanrwst’s violent reputation but we also had the added bonus of killing some OAPs in the process!
Our noisy, boisterous following, The VD Crew turned up in force as we alighted the stage we were faced by a sea of faces as the hall was packed the back walls.
Cumi, very nervous like the rest of the band introduced the 1st song;
‘We’re gonna try to entertain you here, I know some of you won’t like it but anyway this is I Hate TV.’
The opening chords were played & up went a huge cheer.  After four songs, up went the ear splitting chant of ‘VD VD VD’, we, as a band obliged & you can hear the crowd on the tape of this gig singing the chorus.
The punters got up to mosh & the bouncers waded in with their fists.  The venue manager comes on stage to tell us to calm down, but up went the chant of ‘4Q 4Q 4Q.’
Cumi announces,
‘We’ve been told to slow it down a bit. Is everybody enjoying themselves?’
‘See!’ Screamed Cumi to the manager.
After Not Now Not Never Cumi said; ‘I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s come from Colwyn Bay (big cheer), & a big thank you to everyone from Llanrwst as well (even bigger cheer), & we’ve got someone here from Kinmel Bay as well (more cheers) kill him ha ha ha.’
One of the two punters from Kinmel Bay was fresh out of school Ollie who went on to play in The Suicidal Flowers & edit Astro Zombie fanzine.
Just before playing Imagine the manager walks on stage again, to boos & shouts of ‘Gerroff’, again to tell the band to slow it down.
Then after 2 more songs we ripped into God Save The Queen which had to be stopped after 2 verses when a huge fight broke out between dancers & bouncers.  Cumi says ‘Goodnight’, but the crowd are getting pretty ugly, screaming at the bouncers that they’re only dancing, while 350 voices are shouting ‘More more more’.
Two more songs & during the 2nd chorus of We Want You the manager runs on with the money & tells 4Q to finish.
I held up the cash & said;
‘Ha ha ha, we’ve got the money, thanks a lot you’re a good crowd as well.’
During packing away an old man who was playing bingo earlier came up to Wayne & said;
‘That was very entertaining but you had better leave now as there will be trouble.’
He was right, because as 4Q were leaving, a park bench was hoisted though a shop window & gangs of drunks began the weekend ritual of killing each other after what was our best gig to date.

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