Magazine slammed for 999-call gimmick

By Hilary Bowden (North Wales Weekly News)

AN OUTRAGEOUS cult magazine started up in Colwyn Bay, which has previously condoned arson and shoplifting,. is now encouraging people to make fake emergency phone calls for fun.

The latest stunt in the eighth edition of the magazine Crud is an advert featuring two cartoon policemen and encouraging readers to phone 999 from as many phone boxes as they can, leaving the phone off the hook.
An activity which they claim costs nothing and is good for a ‘giggle a minute’ and can provide ‘hours of fun’.

Crud, which was started up by the controversial rock band 4Q has built up a following throughout Britain and claims to have suscribers in Europe.

The magazine, reputed to have a circulation of 4,000, has already run into trouble with North Wales Police for articles encouraging people to shoplift and spoof adverts telling peop1e to join the arson campaign.

The police have referred copies to the Crown Prosecution service but no action was taken. A police spokesman said they had no comment to make on the current controversy as they were still continiung with their inquiries.

Local councillor Mrs Harriet Pearce Geary commented: “The advert is very irresponsible and more importantly dangerous.

“Emergency switchboards are already overstretched during this period, they don’t have time to waste on hoax calls when lives are at stake.


“The majority of people reading the advert may have the sense not to act on it. But it only takes a couple of rotten apples to take it seriously.

“It may just be a gimmick to sell more of their magazines but it is a very dangerous gimmick.”

Earlier in the year, the MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth, Mr Geoffrey Dickens, was so appalled by the contents of the cult magazine, he passed it on to the Home Sec¬retary for further investigation.

The Weekly News were unable to contact the magazine’s editor.